2017 Quilt Challenge

P.O. Box 7572, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7572

Piecing Partners Quilt Guild

The top 11 Challenge Quilts are being displayed at the following locations:

July 20 - Aug 10         Ruth's Stitchery

Aug 10 - Aug 28         High Country Quilts

Aug 28 - Sep 11         Ladybug Hill Quilts

Sep 11 - Sep 28         Na-La's Quilt Shop

Sep 28 - Oct 12          Nana's Quilt Shop


A quilt challenge offers guild members the opportunity to challenge themselves by making a quilt that meets specific guidelines.  A committee decides the rules of the challenge. The quilts are displayed at the July guild meeting and members are invited to vote for their favorites.  All challenge quilts are exhibited when possible, but typically a subset of quilts (those with the most votes) are hung and displayed at local quilt shops and have, on occasion, traveled to local and national quilt shows.

The 2017 Quilt Challenge is:

"It’s All Here in BLACK AND WHITE"

Calling All quilters!  This will be inclusive of any style and technique - traditional, innovative, art, modern, fiber art, contemporary… Challenge yourself to create a Black and White quilt.  Pick up a packet with 2 challenge fabrics (4” x 14.5” each), and Guidelines for $1.  Be creative and have fun!


1.  Quilt must be made completely by the entrant and specifically for this challenge, dated between    

      January and June 2017.  One entry per person.

2.   Quilt top must be either completely, or almost completely, black and white (see color 

      Use all, or a portion of both challenge fabrics in at least a ‘recognizable-to-the-eye’ amount, plus as  

      many other black and white prints or solids you desire.
                     *Optional:  one color fabric, or color paint/ink may be used in a very tiny amount
                       (think ‘accent’).  May be used in more than one place - but kept to a very tiny amount
                        in total.  Remember –  your work must ‘read’, (look like), a black-and-white quilt.

3.  Must have three layers; top, batting, and backing.  Any construction method(s) permitted.  Both
    challenge fabrics must be used in some way on the surface of your quilt – including wholecloth or
     surface-painted quilts. 

4.  Traditional blocks can be used.  Blocks, borders, etc., must be used in an original way or design.     
     Applique work must be an original design.  Photographs, artwork, drawings, etc., must be your own 
     work.  Purchased or copyrighted patterns or photographs may not be used.

5.  Quilts may be embellished.  Embellishments must be black and/or white.  Quilting thread must be   

      black and/or white.

 6.  Can be any shape or orientation: square, rectangular, round, etc.  Maximum perimeter size is  

      124”.  For example, the perimeter of a 31” x 31” quilt = 124”.  There is no minimum size.  A round 

      quilt may have up to a 31” diameter.

7.  Any type of hand or machine quilting, stitching, or tying, may be used to hold the layers together.   

     Use any method to finish the outer edges.

8.  Attach a 4” hanging sleeve on the back.  Quilts up to 12” wide may have a smaller sleeve if desired
     (no less than 2 ½” for hanging purposes).  Attach a label with your name, title of quilt, and size.

Additional information:

* All entrants will receive a participation ribbon.
* Additional challenge fabric (in sets of 2) may be purchased for $1, while supplies last.
* A quilt with a large amount of color which doesn’t ‘read,’ or isn’t nearly all black and white, runs the 

   risk of being disqualified.

Six Award Categories:

1.  Best First Time Entry           4.  Best Art

​2.  Best Traditional                    5.  Best Execution

​3.  Best Innovative                     6.  Viewer's Choice

Category descriptions:

First Time Entry:  have never entered a quilt in a PPQG Quilt Challenge before.
Traditional:  of, or relating to tradition; traditional appearance, blocks, applique, etc.
Innovative:  deviation from traditional, tends to innovate or introduce something new or different.        
Art:  the production or expression, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful or appealing.
Execution:  performance of a technical skill.        
Viewer’s Choice:  your favorite quilt, regardless of the category or style.

Go to the Forms Page to download the 2017 Challenge Release Form.